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North Texas Gun Works-Trigger Kits

Glock factory Trigger with Trigger bar Glock new factory Trigger with Trigger Bar that has been modified, tuned, and polished for the best in smooth triggers. All edges are deburred and they don't come any smoother! Everyone knows smoother is better when it comes to triggers and these are hands down better than stock, at a better price than the competition! 

                                           Glock new factory Trigger with Trigger Bar $28.00 + Shipping

Also included in your order will be online walk through to assist with the install process and please feel free to ask questions or if you need other parts not shown. Please specify which model and generation pistol the unit is for when you purchase.

Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connectorGhost Ultimate 3.5lb Connector, a new trigger housing, a new smooth trigger which has been deburred, tuned, and mirror polished, and a set of three competition springs (not pictured). Also included is a website walkthrough for installation. 

Ghost Ultimate 3.5 Connector $69.00 + Shipping

All the hard work has been done for you and this unit will literally drop in in five minutes, all you need is a Glock Armorer's Tool or 1/32 punch. A Glock Armorer's Tool can be added to your order for $9.00.


Ghost 3.5 Connector no Ultimate

This model features the Ghost 3.5 connector rather than the ultimate version. 

Ghost 3.5 Connector  $59.00  + Shipping

Ultimate Competiton Drop in Trigger Kit Ultimate Competition Drop in Trigger Kit. The kit is built on almost the exact specs as some of the more expensive names on the market. This kit is available for all Glock models.

Here’s what comes in the kit A 3.5 pound Ultimate Ghost Rocket Connector which is then polished, tuned, fitted, and test fired to insure reliability. This connector is part of the process to eliminate over travel and will also give you a faster reset. The trigger with trigger bar is modified, tuned, and polished.

A new trigger housing with an adjustable over travel stop is installed and tested. The factory firing pin safety plunger is deburred and polished. Competition Wolf Springs are installed. A factory firing pin which is modified, deburred, and polished This kit is drop in and instructions are supplied for the installation. The other guys kits like this sell in the $280.00 range, but I can do it cheaper because I’m a one man shop.

   Ultimate Competition Drop-in Trigger Kit  $165.00 + Shipping

I think you’ll find this kit will compete with the big boys, but give you a much better value for the money. You will also find that this kit will get your trigger pull to be as close to a 1911 style pistol as you can get!

NOTE: I'll also build you something with different options, parts, etc. all you need to do is ask!

Glock Armorers tool  A Glock Armorer's Tool

Glock Armorer's Tool $9.00 + Shipping

Armorers Rear Cover Plate Armorer's Rear Cover Plate

  Both of these items are extremely helpful but not required for install. You can save $50.00 on the kit by shipping me your trigger bar, firing pin, and firing pin safety!

Armorer’s Rear Cover Plate

Armorer's Rear Cover Plate $11.00  + Shipping