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The Ghost 3.5  Ultimate Connector comes to you new in the box. This connector is different than all the rest due to incorporating its patent pending debris channel slots, which reduces friction and makes this connector self cleaning. Ghost 3.5 Connector

This also means it WON’T LOCK UP NO MATTER WHAT! These features along with electro polishing gives you the Ultimate in light, smooth, and reliable 3.5 pound connector pulls.

This connector is DROP IN and requires no fitting whatsoever. I have also included a Wolff extra power connector spring, a Wolff reduced power 4lb. striker spring, and a Wolff reduced power striker pin safety spring.

Ghost Ultimate Connector $30.50 Shipping

These combinations will provide you with the absolute lightest and smoothest connector pull available. By doing so, it is recommended for competition use rather than carry or duty because it is so light.

If you are going to use these springs in a .45 or 10mm and are going to shoot anything other than factory ammunition, then it is suggested to use a 6 pound extra power Wolff striker pin spring rather than the 4lb. to guarantee positive ignition.

Also included are instructions to a step-by-step online walkthrough that will show you how to install the connector and springs yourself.

 Ghost Connector only


Ghost Connector Only $20.00 + Shipping

Glocks Armorer's Tool A Glock Armorer’s Tool or equal sized punch is all that is needed to do it on your own.

 Glock Armorer’s Tool $9.00 + Shipping


Lone Wolf 3.5lb Glock Connectors. The Lone Wolf 3.5 lb Connector is an improved version of the Glock original 3.5. Special features include: 25% reduction in side thickness provides superior reset action, completely pre polished for the smoothest trigger pull, Nickel plated for corrosion resistance. Precision target shooters and Law Enforcement personnel demand excellence in trigger performance.

Lone Wolf ConnectorNow you can tune your trigger to perform its best! This drop in part is easily installed or removed and will instantly provide a lighter crisper trigger pull. Fits all Glock models. 

$14.95 Lone Wolf Glock Connector

A competition spring kit can be added to your order for $11.00 which includes a Wolff Brand reduced power firing pin spring, extra power trigger spring, and reduced power safety plunger spring. An extra power firing pin spring can be substituted for the reduced power firing pin spring on request and there is no additional charge. A Glock Armorer's Tool or equal sized punch is all that is needed to do it on your own.

Competiton spring Kit (Optional  Competition Spring Kit ) $11.00

Above Competition Spring Kit $11.00 + Shipping

If A Competition Springs Kit Is Being Ordered, Please Specify If You Want The Extra Power Firing Pin Or The Reduced Power Firing Pin; No Charge!

Glock Pre Travel And Over Travel Eliminator is custom built. Features housing which adds two sets of screws into the housing. One is adjustable for pre travel and the other is adjustable for over travel. NOTE: Glock Pre-Travel Eliminator

Glock Pre Travel / Over Travel $35.00 + Shipping

These are NOT available for GEN 4's or SF models at this time.  $35.00 + Shipping